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I am an experienced Digital Marketing Professional with the right skill and attitude to serve this industry. My main target is to serve my clients with all my knowledge and experience and to help them to obtain high ranking in their respective business field with the advance technologies of modern digital marketing.

Social Media today is every one’s friend. People of all the age groups spend time on these platforms sharing their views & life’s best moments. I work on these platforms almost seven hours a day, ensuring customers engage with us; share their feedback & experiences with us.

In today’s day & age lots of people are using this tool to defame big brands, they not only write bad reviews about the companies but also go to the extent of threatening them if their demands are not met.

Technology when used for the right reasons and in the right direction, works tremendously in benefiting the human race but when used in wrongfully turns to disaster.

People visit various restaurants, hotel and shopping malls, if they are happy they write good comments but some of them use these tools to get discounts & benefits from the brands.

They go the extent of writing fake & negative reviews on these platforms to defame the brands.

Companies without evaluating these reviews which may be fake or sadistic in nature befall to give them discounts to avoid getting defamed globally.

I strongly recommend all big brands to confront these reviews head on by responding to these reviews. As today’s consumer is savvy and intelligent and can make a rightful assessment of the fake reviews whether it be negative or positive.

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Note: Written by Mr. Nikhil Pallat.


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