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Since Past five years, and the Internet advertising is dominated by Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which many advertising executives, the right keywords have become much more important than the content of their current locations or the public. But this movement towards SEO was dangerous because it moved the eyes of the most important publishers to create content and keyword targets, hacks fake, paid links, construction techniques, because their audience does not know or care.

Even the respected publishers like Forbes, is going to replace older control strategy and management, Huffington Post Full pufferfish use the database Google for more messages, more and more content is available at low cost, while the brave men, such as Time, Inc. (NYSE: TWX) is still hunting the basics such as getting SEO keywords in their URL identifier.

But Facebook’s latest post / Bing partnership is going to integrate social studies results clearly began with SEO War, most digital smart publisher are opting to drop everything to think about their distribution strategies.

With the rise of Facebook, we have entered a new era of digital media: personal discovery. The balance of power moves: already Wetpaint sites, Facebook and other partners, we hear more, to search.

The study was critical because the answers were scarce. Google (NSDQ: GOOG) managed to find answers to almost every query keyword among billions of Web pages.Sorting algorithm that works best is that it is consistent with the request that they would ask how the expression. The higher the level of the individual results of any algorithm the higher it can be tricky without a thorough knowledge of its users. The advantage: Facebook.

Encouraging the involvement of this is that the public likes the content, not keywords. Facebook the Social Network! So it’s time to christen the new age of social media optimization, or SMO. “The Age of SMO is released from the partners to use tips, hacks, and keywords. Instead, it is a great opportunity now to rebuild and improve the content as attractive as possible.


SMO recognizes that Facebook is in the best position to bring content to users. Already people are using Facebook as a new interface for its main sources (both titles in the media and their friends), so that Google News is not cracked the code, the products, like high Flipboard there is convincing.

Like Facebook takes a huge database of “likes”, and it turns around to know the results of studies, there is no doubt that this is a great advantage, providing a better set of results for almost all users. It simply knows more.

SMO is an attractive strategy to say publicly, without hands, knowing what motivates an interest in, and run the people’s desire to consume and share. Of course, the buzz about Facebook, among many partners, associations of love and the road bumps that come along with them. But SMO has more and more importance. It depends on creating a positive feedback loop, where users are rewarded with both content and distribution of consumption. It is important to develop games such as viruses, Media offers Groupon Zynga. In addition, of course, create content and experiences should be shared, then the publisher should encourage the audience on all options, including prestige, access to exclusive content and improved experiences.

For those who are still trying to implement a search strategy: If you have not researched and have been part of your SMO, you need to leave the magic of gaming search engines fading into the past.


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  1. Very nice posting

  2. SEO can never be dead. It is a technique to make your website search engine friendly and enhance your website structure to get your website visible in major search engines. A basic non paid. To kill SEO there must change something that stops people from searching. SMO is a part of SEO. It was previously categorized in SEO. Now it has grown up to a new enhanced method to gain traffic and got popularity among major social websites.

  3. You can’t say it exactly that, SEO is dead. But surly you can say , SEO+SMO is the best part of Online Marketing.

  4. Well I think SEO is still not dead….but certainly in future SMO will be preferred over SEO, particularly after major search engines integrating with social media 🙂

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  6. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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  9. SMO is a small foot forward in SEO. So SEO can not die. Here in this case its very usual new tricks and trends overstepping the older ones. But the key lies in the fact that the SEO is still the base. Like you can not optimize a site without having any articles, directories, links over many different sites.
    SMO is only enhancing SEO.

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  21. Interesting post. But in my opinion both kinda work together – as we speak – SMO providing the data a searcher’s needs to find. SEO will still be important and even in legacy web applications play a main role. It’s an and / and situation.

  22. Aloha dude! I’ve just stopped by to say thanks for this awesome site! Keep going that way.

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