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I am an experienced Digital Marketing Professional with the right skill and attitude to serve this industry. My main target is to serve my clients with all my knowledge and experience and to help them to obtain high ranking in their respective business field with the advance technologies of modern digital marketing.

It is not a surprising fact about seo that it is recognized by many of us, and on the other hand some don’t understand it. In fact like the glamour world, the Search Engine Optimization was also one of the controversial topics in the early days of the introduction to the general folks. Well we will define the search engine optimization as a process in which the website is altered in such a way that the website ranks well in the natural organic search engine results.

Still we are not convinced about the so much popularity and the debates happening about the seo among the internet webmasters and the general folks. In a broader way the person for whom the seo is much important, is the website owner. Therefore search engine optimization is one of the ever thought factor for the websites owners as well. Without wasting the valuable time we will look for the important and valuable reasons focusing the light on the popularity of the seo.

1. The website traffic is the biggest factor making the seo field of more importance. As a matter of fact if we ask any website owner about their website’s success and business performance, they will answer directly about the website traffic. To some extent the website owners completely rely on the traffic which is targeted. If we look into the Nielsen’s survey for the website traffic sources for the last three years, we can easily estimate that the 97% traffic comes from the general search engine results. Hence if the website has to get more and more visitors, it should be ranked well in the search engine results for its keywords. We all know that in every business there are some competitors who always make a close counter racing with our sole business, that’s why if we need to get more and more growth; we need to optimize our online business. That’s the situation the seo comes into the play and makes its important role.

2. The controversial factor about the seo itself is responsible for the popularity of the search engine optimization. The proponents of the search engine optimization say that the seo is one of the techniques which make the websites to rank well in search engine as well as getting the traffic. Whereas the opponents of the seo argue that the websites get the traffic without the application of the seo. This kind of discussions can easily be seen in the Forum sites, discussion boards, newspapers, television programs etc. thank god the Google (big internet giant) supports the seo for the websites popularity.

3. The money factor related to the websites sales is much supported factor for the popularity of the seo. the seo makes the websites optimized hence the websites rank well and become more visible to the visitors as well as the customers. This leads to the great no. of sales for the websites. Today we can see many websites which entirely make good sales only with the search engine optimization. Another factor about the seo is the cost of it compared to that of the common advertisement programs. The cost of the seo is much lower compared to the other advertising programs.

4. SEO is not about a unique set of certain rules and techniques; in fact it is a field which is made by researches of the Individuals hence big versatile field making it more and more popular among all internet webmasters. Still there are certain factors which are in the controversy regarding the seo, such as some claim that common advertising programs are much effective than seo. But here also the category plays role, the advertising programs may be suitable for certain types of websites such as the religious websites whereas the seo would be suitable for the websites which have certain products or services.

Some people claim that they wasted their money in SEO for their websites. This problem totally depends upon the type of person you hired for your websites optimization. Always choose that seo person who has good testimonials and the previous work samples. Discuss with various seo companies regarding the websites and don’t run behind the cost. “Always run behind the quality with the cost”.


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